Condescension….a perk of being a family member of a head injured brother and the daughter of an Alheimered mother from the staff who care for them daily.

I will try and be nice….

Okay I tried and I have failed….so I will not go there today…instead I will give more background…so maybe it’ll end up being funny…condescension really can be funny…though I find it way funnier when I am doling it out.

Eddie has always been a charmer…which since the day of my birth bewildered me…because I am fairly certain I am far more charming than him, but he has beaten me time and time again on the rewards of being charming.

When we were young…kindergarten young…my dad brought us to the circus.  As we stood in the long line some clowns walked up and down the line to amuse us.  (This was before Stephen King taught us that clowns were evil killers.)  The clowns came up to us and asked my parents if they could take Eddie.

At first I was relieved, we had finally gotten rid of Eddie, but then I wondered why the clowns had chosen him, but then I realized I didn’t care because we had finally gotten rid of Eddie.

We ended up sitting up in the rafters.  Just before the circus began we see all the clowns come out and they have Eddie with them.  He got to sit through the entire circus on the stage with the clowns.  And there weren’t other kids, just Eddie.

And then the clowns returned him.  So he got to sit with the clowns and be part of Barnum and Bailey, and we got him back.  Not only that, he was laden with shwag (we didn’t know to call it that, but that’s what it was)…pennants and a hat and food he would not share.

I had no idea why those clowns chose my brother…my big, dim-witted brother…for company when I was so cute and funny.  I still don’t….but it is important to remember that my brother charmed…and still does.  That will help when I finally can write about condescension…but that’s not today.