I sent the Red Lobster blog to a few friends because I thought it was so funny.  Many of them decided to read all the previous posts.  Their responses surprised me…they spoke how of how great a sister I am because I am calling him every day.  I re-read all the previous posts and laughed.  Yes, I guess if you read the first few posts…and I guess from the title of this blog you might think I am calling Eddie every day….because it sounded like such a good idea at the time.  Well the truth is I tried for the first two weeks, but Ed really does not answer his phone much…and sometimes when he does he has a hard time negotiating the phone and cord and ends up hanging up on me.  Like last night.

I called…mostly to allow me to write this today.  Ed answered like an old man…”Hello?…Hello?…..HELLO!!!!”  It wasn’t like I was prank calling him…I was saying the socially correct, “Hello….Ed….can you hear me?”  I don’t know if his volume was down or if he had the earpiece next to his mouth or what….but we didn’t have a nice chat.  He hung up on me three times….I figured I still got the  heavenly brownie points my brother so firmly believes in.

Anyway…after calling him for a few weeks asking him how old our mother is…it started seeming silly.   He has said it enough that it has stuck and we really don’t need to go over it every time….though he does laugh when I ask…then says….”Hmmmm…..Now let me think about this…I want to say seventy-nine.”  I think the clowns taught him slapstick at far too young an age.

No…this blog has helped me reconnect…and put energy into this relationship and that has been a great thing for me…and probably a spectacular thing for Ed…because as I have said before…I am significantly more charming than he!

I have not written much the other significant change that has occurred since I started blogging and thus letting Ed’s world come further into my own…and that is I have to deal with the staff that care for him.  I have to initiate and repair relationships with those that are his daily family.  I don’t enjoy this…because of twenty-six years of experience..much of it negative.  So…next week I have a meeting with his latest case manager…her boss…and her bosses boss.  Arg…

Now THAT is something to get serious “good sister” brownie points for…..

More to come on this topic as I prepare to communicate with kindness, respect and high regards….