We had Eddie’s annual meeting this week.  I suppose there have been about twenty six of these because that is how many years he has been at the facility.  This is the first one I have attended. I assume my sister and mother attended others over the years, but this is my first.

Compared to our meeting last month…the difficult meeting…this one was a breeze.  Everyone was in a good mood.  Ed was as charming as Ed can be…the charming that won him the talent show and made the Barnum and Bailey clowns kidnap him. 

When asked if he had any complaints he had only one.  His roommate is a rather vegetative soul who is mostly bedridden and incontinent.  Eddie said he likes this roommate because he is quiet.  (I think that is funny.)  Ed has a problem with the smell that emits from the guy’s room when he has soiled himself. 

Ed believes all this would be taken care of if the guy would let the staff put a room freshener in his room.  The guy must not be that vegetative because he’s alert enough to have an opinion about room fresheners, and it is “no.”

I tried to tell him a room freshener would probably not be enough to do the trick.

And then Eddie starts laughing, hard.  It takes him several attempts to say, “I have a story…about last night.  In the middle of the night a new staff member wakes me up to ask if I had an accident.”  He is laughing so hard he can hardly breathe.  He found it so funny someone would wake him up at ask him this, especially because Ed has as many accidents as most adults…none.  “So I said, “No.”…and this is the weird part….she says, “Can I check?” 

The staff who are hosting the meeting become uncomfortable because this is obviously an error by the new staff.  It is apparent they are worried how I will take this. 

But I join Ed in his laughing at the absurdity, and at Ed’s laughing.  This is a story to be added to the many stories we have collected over the years that have to do with bathroom humor.  This is a gem.  We are on floor laughing.  He looks at me and says hysterically, “It was so weird.”

I am sure some new staff was reprimanded mightily.   I am sure my brother won’t be woken in the middle of the night to ask if someone can check his boxers.  I am sure Ed has to endure many such moments when his messed up body belies his normal abilities. 

But at least we have a new chapter in our family book of potty humor.