My brother is a human billboard.

We are having a shareholders meeting this morning.  (Okay so it will be two staff members and Eddie and I, but shareholders sounds better…to date this company has not gone public.)

When Ed got well enough to get a jo,b the place he lives at got him typical head injured guy sort of jobs….like putting labels on envelopes and sorting donated clothes at the Good Will.  But unlike many head injured, Ed has his regular cognition and very little coordination….and he desperately wants to be in the world of others.

So he came up with the idea of walking the mall in his walker that could be retrofitted with sides so he could advertise for shops in the mall.  My sister, the one who stole much of the Clark-kid IQ from Ed and I, did a brilliant job in getting his walker together and gathering sponsors.  This was many years ago when Ed and the rest of the crew where he lived were a part of the community.  Ed had churches’ and politicians’ and small businesses logos all over his walker and he made enough money to have a small savings and keep himself knee deep in snacks.  (I went to his apartment the other day and he had dropped his snack bowl and he was almost literally knee deep in snacks)

That was a lifetime ago.  Now his walker has but one panel left with a few crumby logos…most of which trade him out for food or batteries or things like that since corporations have taken all the mall spots and do not have wording in their by-laws that address the hiring of human billboards, thus the brilliant assistant managers simply cannot figure out how to create such a contract.

Ed is broke.  His snacks now come from the cafeteria…and look a bit tired…as does his walker…and his spirit.

Thus the meeting.  As a symbolic act of respect for his business the meeting will not be at the facility…we’re going for lattes.  We’ll see if such an extravagant business expense pays off in creativity…if a pulse can be found in that walker.