Okay…so the host issue has not altered…it has gotten worse.  Another Eddie debacle.  There are two things Eddie cannot handle…1) change and 2) feeling handicapped in public.  The Host issue hits both of Ed’s no no’s…he’s pretty upset.

To recap the Host issue….Eddie goes to church every Sunday…since we were born.  He’s a Catholic to his toes.  He loves the tradition…he loves the Catholic God.  He loves the rituals….he loves the forgiveness…he also loves the donuts after mass.  Always has.

So…and  I may have some of the details wrong…but as I understand it Eddie went to mass a few months ago and the newish priest did not pour a little wine down his gullet as has been the tradition for the past twenty-seven years since Ed has attended this church.  He dunked the host into the wine and gave it to Ed. 

This didn’t bother me in the slightest because, Jesus, come on, who the hell wants to be sipping the back-wash of the hundreds of Rosary-saying, mea-culpa-ing parishioners that attend the 9:30 mass at St. Josephs?  I mean you get your blood-of-Christ’s worth of whatever the blood-of-Christ is worth in a dunk without the risk of some plague.

Ed cares…a lot. 

Ed cares because, “I feel so handicapped.  I feel like I am treated different.”  Then he adds a sacred, “That’s bullshit.” 

This has been eating at Eddie every day.  The injustice is like an acid drip on his well-being. 

So I call the guy who takes care of such stuff at the place Ed lives.  He’s a great guy who has been working with the likes of Ed for decades.  He is supposedly on the task of asking the new priest what is up with the host dunking.

I don’t get a return call.  That is weird.

So I am trying to get hold of the folks at the church.  Ed wants to jump ship to a better church, one that will let him sup from the cup of virus and bacteria infused Christ’s blood.

Then I hear something that makes me cringe.  I hear that this blog is being read by the staff now. I hear they are not pleased with my Family Weekend entry.   

Damned…this really isn’t supposed to be an open door to the musings of family members of the head injured…though I guess it is.    I reread the blog…it still stands, but Christ (the same one whose blood was spilled for our sins and whose blood is now dunked onto the host instead sipped by my brother’s limp mouth) I wasn’t writing this to teach nor offend those who work with Ed.

 I write this as a love letter to my brother…to let him know his highs and lows are as sacred as the chalice and the Our Father.  I write it as a gulp of holy wine and not a mere dunk that discounts his worth.

Anyway, we gotta do something about this dunked host thing or Ed may lose the faith that helps him rise each day and haul his ass around the mall and make bad jokes and say sweet things.