Don’t get me wrong…I love Ed…but there is an odd following of this blog who have ceased writing to say they enjoy reading about Ed.  Instead they have become a bit belligerent in insisting I write this blog more consistently because he has become their friend and my lack of words gets in the way of their friendship with him.  My words are no longer the focus…they are just the mirror for his greatness…and I find that annoying as hell.  But, here…to silence his fans…

So Ed calls last week to say he has seen a trailer for a great movie. 

“Which one?” I ask.

“Heaven is Real.”

I wince.  I have seen the trailer…a lot.  Greg Kinnear is the dad of a little blond boy who has died on the table after some illness and is brought back.  He tells people all sorts of things that seem to prove when he died he went to heaven.    It’s not that I don’t believe there is life after this life.  I do.  I just try and do it and cool manner…like never talking about it to others, and making the supposed creator prove Its (yes,I am  politically correct enough not to endow God with “junk”) existence by getting me good parking places and pointing out the shortest line at the grocery with a beam of divine light.  And I must say that the junkless God has been rather under impressive in said proof.

Anyway the movie seems really sappy and I am so afraid that within the proof of heaven will be the Hater-God agenda.  You know…the Hater God…the God who is sending all of us to hell who don’t believe that the God who created my very cool hand and the even cooler Cosmos cares if boys like boys, or if we have sex before rings and rice?  Hell, they’ll  even send us to hell because we don’t  believe in hell …except maybe for those who play with folks like pawns instead of souls equally beloved as their own souls…those sorts of folks.

I digress… (because I can)…so I did not have a desire to spend ten-plus bucks to see this movie…much less twenty-plus bucks to see it with Ed.  But he’s kind of cute when he wants to see a movie. 

Because I don’t respond, Ed continues, “It’s about a little boy…”

….”who dies and comes back.” I finish.

“Yes,” he says with the sweetness of that cherub they hired for part.  “You know, I died.”

Damnit…he’s got me…he did die and came back. He trumps anything I can say with death.  He wins.  It’s like the talent show all over.  I surrendered immediately.

“You did.  We should go,” I say.

I guess some of my movie critic superiority oozed between my words because he asks with the sweet innocence of a four-year-old, “Do you want to go?”

 “Well, it didn’t get good reviews, but reviews aren’t always right, they didn’t like Jobs and we did….and you did die Ed…and you did talk to God,” I say.

He paused.  “Is there a movie you’d like to see?  We always see what I want to.  You should pick this time.”

God!!!  He was being so adorable…and I do not recall once in our entire lifetime when he asked for my opinion.  That dang blond cherub on the preview had already altered my brother, proving that heaven is real.

OMG….guess what movie we will be going to.

….to be continued.